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Welcome to Indian Deluxe Curry & Kebabs

Home of Indian Food Lovers
Our Mission is to provide our customers with a little piece of India in the comfort of their home by creating fresh classical Indian cuisine whilst embracing contemporary discoveries. Our relaxed and modern approach aims to make our customers feel comfortable in every sense. What you see is what you get, at Indian Deluxe we want you to feel welcome; our stylish contemporary lounge and kitchen targets individuals who appreciate high standards. With our open kitchen you can view the standard and cooking skills engaged by our team; coupled together coupled together with our customer service we hope to gain and establish your custom.


Words From Chef

Indian Deluxe is run for the enjoyment and pleasure of you. We will pay attention to what you want, how you want it and give it to you just that way. We will endeavour to earn your trust and enthusiastic endorsement; and we hope that we will never disappoint you or your friends. On the rare occasion that we do get it wrong, we will do whatever it takes to put it right.

It's all in the motto, "Fresh Indian Cuisine". We take pride in cooking with fresh produce, meat and poultry. We don't use injected frozen chicken, canned food, frozen vegetables or frozen mutton shipped from New Zealand! Our goods are delivered fresh every week and we have a microwave free policy, that means we cook your order fresh on time every time.

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Salad & Mini Yoghurt Sauce, Hot Sauce &
Mayonnaise on Request


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